Sundao; ISM Weekend Intensive


Inner Space Mastery

Feel the realness of the full Divine Partnership with your Inner Space

And feel its energetic guidance and support

Sundao; ISM - Ancient and proven strategy that brings Extraordinary Transformations for personal/organizational Effectiveness, Abundance and Well-Being in all dimensions. 

Ultimate/Leading edge Resolution Method in Creative Leadership.

    This invitation is for Master Yu & SooJin’s training with their energy transmission. It is 2019 most up-to-date inspirational teaching materials  for applicable tools right in front of you as “THE PRACTICE” that makes foundation to find exactly what you want and what you most needed at the very life moment. It brings your new ideas, inspirations and dreams toward your fullest creative potential.  


    The Inner Space Mastery Training is a completely new revolutionary system, which is not derived from any other modality known today. It is to the point, and utterly practical, this bull’s eye light-speed method meets the needs and challenges of modern-day men and women who seek ways to personal, organizational efficiency and ultimate well-being. 


    Your inner space is the only space for your full integration and the full flowering of creative human genius as an extension of one consciousness. Sundao; ISM guides you precisely how to be with your essence ‘Inner Space’. It guides you how to live with this source of our beauty, value, meaning, power, authenticity, and magnificence, as a natural state of Being. When you are living with the genuine inner partnership, there are triple gifts and its fulfilling energy in our life.

    Full Clarity, Full Brightness, Full Sufficientness 

    This state with the bliss of life and its abundance of the world is the original state of us. Living with this life empowerment, enlightenment and enrichment are so-called ‘Divine Partnership’. And constant and sustained commitment on this synchronicity, the practice of full energy awareness transforms our deepest driving heart desires and intentions to effortless actualization.


    During this gathering, you will discover how to…

- Create thoughts and feelings that brings lightness, abundance, and well-being. 

- Use these techniques to in-tune positive mental energy across all areas of our lives.
- Access a deeper level of self-awareness and begin to use the mind more constructively 

- Maintain high energy throughout the day

- Enhanced mental clarity, emotional balance, and productivity

- Eliminate stress, fear, and anxiety

- Improve communication and inter-personal relationships

- Relief from chronic ailments (high blood pressure, insomnia, chronic pain, etc.)

- Greater peace and joy in everyday life.

- Fulfilling achievements and intuitive leadership

    Sundao; ISM Training includes the physical body and its energy system as a domain of learning, change, and transformation. Our meetings include light movements, guided meditation, interactive exercises, and inspirational talks.    

    This dynamic workshop has caring, inspirational, and educational environment for generating breakthroughs in the most crucial aspects of your life. You will realize new ways to be more effective and fulfilling in your health/beauty, personal relationships/partnership/family, your work/project/business and material and spiritual life while experiencing new levels of self-confidence, vitality, joy, and satisfaction.                                  

You will see the degree to which your current thinking and behavior is or is not consistent with your highest aspirations and your vision for life. You will discover new possibilities for yourself that are not determined by your past but generated by your commitment to the future. You will leave this life-altering experience with the tools for immediately creating more of what truly matters to you.


     In a very short time with the simplicity and enlightening clarity over the laws and principles, we can accomplish more than what we would achieve through years of consulting, counseling, therapies or intellectuality based trainings. Whether you are in a long time personal quest or just begin to realize the power of your Being, this training will significantly fast-forward your transformation that gives you peace, clarity, and abundance in all dimensions. 


    With powerful, yet delicate ability to transmit energetic supports on people’s unconsciousness and its active vibrations, we guide each participant to absolute clarity and practical insight on how we can bring desired changes from our internal unrests, stuck, stresses and any physical/mental challenges into freedom of consciousness and a life of fulfillment. Meanwhile we are not only interested in urgent resolution at the very life moments but also skillful navigation toward your full life potential.


    Let us show you how to tune in to the Inner Space of Perfection (“The Practice” of Inner-Integration), which is the source of all the abundance, beauty, value, meaning, power and authenticity.





    Sundao; ISM is complete re-interpretation of ancient wisdoms from the perspective of well-being as a whole. It shows how to genuinely take care of yourself and all, and being truly responsible as a creator, master and leader of your life and the world.  Master Yu and SooJin have been in lifelong devotion on personal growth and human perfection/potential, and Sundao; ISM is not for passive peace or far from real life, but a way to govern the inner and outer world as we regain true mastership over our body/mind and life. 


    Working with Master Yu & SooJin’s ISM is like having a map and compass that you can direct exactly what you need to transform into inner peace, clarity, and joy. It gives you the tools and inspiration to move to the next phase of life fulfillment and actualization. It is one of the most simple, evolved method to be in Authenticity, Happiness, and Ultimate Freedom.